Uncovering Security Blind Spots in Connected Devices

Despite rising cyber-threats, the organizations that develop, deliver, and deploy connected devices often do so without fully knowing what is in them or the risks involved. Many devices are built on legacy technologies or components which were not designed with cybersecurity in mind. New connected device models often have security issues as well, due to limited security resources or awareness. They typically include multiple open source and third-party software components, introducing software supply-chain risks that are hard to identify, much less manage.

To effectively manage their risk exposure and quickly respond to new threats, embedded device vendors and asset owners need insights into their devices’ composition and security posture, as well as automated prioritization that guides them to focus on the vulnerabilities that really matter.

In this session we discuss: 

  • Varied methods for detecting security issues in connected devices 
  • How automation and intelligent issue prioritization can accelerate security implementation 
  • The importance of protecting devices from unknown vulnerabilities both before and after deployment