Exploring the Threat Landscape - Webinar with EMnify

Practical Advice for Managing Risks and Regulations for IoT and Connected Products

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, IoT and connected products manufacturers are faced with more cybersecurity risks than ever before. Adversaries and hackers can exploit gaps in devices and systems, granting them access to sensitive resources and data.

The consequences for lack of security hygiene at any point in the product’s lifecycle can be devastating for manufacturers, device deployers, and end-users. The expanding threat landscape, risks from third-party and open-source software, as well as tightening regulatory pressures make it more difficult to achieve a strong device security posture in a cost-effective way. To protect devices from sophisticated attacks we need to adopt a holistic approach to securing products across their entire lifecycle and consider the complete device context and characteristics, such as type of connectivity, OS, drivers, etc.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • The expanding threat landscape for IoT devices, including supply chain risks, recent examples of cybersecurity attacks and adversary techniques.
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi infrastructure versus cellular connectivity for industrial IoT, and which option provides better security.
  • The recent U.S. IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act and practical advice for increasing security for connected devices.
  • Automated security for connected devices across the product lifecycle.